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Sortation Conveyor

Hytrol’s Sortation conveyors are used to efficiently sort products to other lines. Sortation equipment can use pushers, wheels, or sliding shoes to achieve higher throughput rates in a system.

From high- speed sortation to horizontal belt sortation, there is a method best for each solution and each budgetary requirement.

Sliding Shoe Sorter
  • Description: High- speed solution for a variety of products. Shoe sorters comprise a bed of aluminum slats with shoes attached.
  • Benefits: High throughput; Small Package handling; Accuracy
  • Application: E- commerce; Parcel; Solutions requiring sortation of small items
Narrow Belt Sorter
  • Description:Narrow belt sorters use right angle transfer to move medium-sized products, such as boxes and cartons, off of a line.
  • These sorters use multiple narrow belts equipped with pop-up rollers at 30 or 90 degrees and boast high sort rates while utilising up to 75 percent less space than other sortation equipment.
  • Benefits: Small footprint with closer transfer locations; High sort rates; Flexible sort locations
  • Application: Picking modules and order consolidations; Shipping operations; Internal routing processing
Right Angle Sortation
  • Description: Hytrol’s Viper Sort uses a patented pushing mechanism to enable the sorting of small to medium-sized products, including cylindrical products, blister packs, vinyl envelopes, and other irregular items.
  • These devices sort up to 120 items per minute with close divert centers.
  • Benefits:Small package handling; Flexible sort locations
  • Application: Polybags; Blister packs; Otherwise, non- conveyable product
Belted Pivot Wheel
  • Description: Pivot wheel sorters feature two series of wheels that are set at the level of the infeed and exit belts.
  • These wheels pivot to take product off of the line and into other areas of the system. The product is designed to minimise missed diverts while maximising throughput.
  • Benefits:Cost-Effective; Runs at up to 300 feet per minute; Easy Maintenance; Single or bi- directional sortation
  • Application:Totes or cartons; Warehouse distribution; Carton routing
Product Gapping
  • Description: Power belt gapping helps material handling systems run by pulling gaps between cartons and other products, effectively and efficiently feeding merges, combiners, sorters, and a host of other equipment.
  • By pulling these gaps, we help ensure that systems run smoothly, day in and day out.
  • Benefits:High speed for feeding sorters; Auto Belt tracking; High grip belt
  • Application: Anywhere gaps between cartons needs to be created; Feeding sorters; Feeding label applicators; Feeding merges