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Pallet Shuttle

Autosat® is the next-generation shuttle designed for the automatic storage of pallets within a traditional drive-in shelf. Autosat® guarantees an automatic high-density storage allowing the maximum exploitation of the warehouse volume.

It shows its effectiveness in the case of repeated emptying/ filling in the same channel (eg: buffer area management) and is able to work according to both FIFO logic and LIFO logic. In addition to simple storage, Autosat provides several important functions of reordering, counting, collision avoidance, manual management and many others. The machines are available in three versions:




Controlled by a simple multifunction remote control with LED display.


Inox Technology

Designed for liquid loads, thanks to the steel structure it is completely stainless and washable.



Controlled via wifi with WMS (Warehouse Management Software) communication between handheld and AGV laser guided shuttles.

  • Innovative High-Performance Lithium-ion Battery: No memory effect, faster charging, high number of charging cycles, lightweight construction removable battery
  • Fast and safe storage: fast and quiet handling, fast operation, state-of-the-art safety devices, effective self-locking system in the raised position with on-board load
  • Versatility to all drive-in structures: no modification to forklift trucks, suitable for all industrial sectors, working capacity up to -30C
  • High technology: innovative positioning with laser technology that avoids holes and cams on the guides, translation wheels in Vulkollan for exceptional silence and greater acceleration
  • Better management of storage activities: the goods is always facing warehouse, thus avoiding damage to structures and goods
  • Optimization of spaces and internal costs
  • Latest generation LOG warehouse management software: for constant monitoring of storage activities