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Clearpack Group is a leading provider of automatic packaging solutions with proven expertise in end-of-line solutions and conveyors of all types. It provides a natural extension into our solutions for factory intralogistics comprising warehouse automation, AGVs, AMRs and other advanced technologies. Our solutions also serve the needs of the E-commerce industry for Environment-friendly packing and sortation.
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Offer solutions at optimal cost from Industry-leading supplier-partners or through license manufacturing

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Vast robotics automation knowledge & industry experience available to our customers

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    Automatic Storage and Retrieval System (AS / RS)

    Automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) shuttle solutions to store goods in defined locations and retrieve them when necessary, using robots and AGVs


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    Pallet Shuttle

    New generation RF/WIFI enabled shuttle, it is ideal for automatic storage of multi-depth pallets within the traditional warehouse racks. This allows greater pallet density and is able to work according to both FIFO and LIFO logic. The shuttle can be adaptable for AGVs and stacker crane automation.

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    Conveying System

    Range of conveyors to move products efficiently around the warehouse enabling complete automation


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    Sortation Solutions

    Sortation conveyors are used to efficiently sort products to other lines. Sortation equipment can use pushers, wheels or sliding shoes to achieve higher throughput rates in a system.


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    AGV & AMR (Automatic Guided Vehicles and Automated Mobile Robots)

    Range of AGVs are with different Navigation technologies like Laser Navigation, Natural Navigation and Magnetic Tape navigation along with The Fleet management software

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    Robotic Palletizer

    Highly Efficient & flexible Robotic Palletizers available with ancillary equipment like Pallet Stretch Wrapper, RGVs etc.


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